Freedom, Healing & Compassion

A truly healing practice, whether it’s yoga or something else, replenishes our vitality while expanding our ability to create harmony in the world around us. I used to scoff at statements like “change begins within.” I’d think: Get real. The world is going bonkers—and we need to do something about it!

It’s true that we must create more peace in the world. Still: It’s nonsensical to expect societal cooperation if we as individuals lack peace in our own lives. We can’t successfully collaborate with or serve others if we’re caught up in discord. Recognizing and unpacking our inner baggage is vital. We see what’s going on in the world, and we know we need much heart and courage to resolve humanity’s issues. In yoga we’re strengthening our determination to be living, breathing examples of peace and justice. Learn more about me and my take on yoga.

Kimberlyn has been my yoga instructor twice a week for over a year. I always look forward to every class. She brings new and challenging poses to the classes. I feel better balanced, focused and flexible. She has inspired me with meditation and breathing techniques. Someday I will be able to do that headstand!

Alice S.

A quality I find most unique about Kim is her willingness to intimately share the focus of her personal practice and her transitions with students, enabling others to realize how transformative yoga can be throughout a lifetime, in a community, for the planet. Kim, thank you for sharing you, and for inspiring me to evolve.

Ruth S.

Our class has developed an atmosphere of trust and intimacy with Kim as our guide. I have two take-aways from our classes. One is much better balance, and the other is the conscious act of breathing. I focus on breathing as meditation, and conscious breathing helps me look at a situation with a calmer point of view.

Keith J.