Supporting ethical brands & serving humankind

For ethical brands, I create messaging that spotlights solutions, invites critical thinking and inspires people to take action. For human beings, I encourage transformation with practices that improve mind-body communication.
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For Do-Good Brands

Powerful messaging goes beyond words. It communicates honesty and moves people to stand up for what is wise.

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For Hopeful People

Seeking greater peace and healing? I hear you—and I’ll gladly cheer you on, because we’re all in it together.

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For Hearts & Minds

Dive into some communication research, stories of personal transformation and musings on the wonders of being human.

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What is hard work? What is growth? It’s time to evolve the benchmarks.

The truth of life : we’re all born and we all die. I love the beautiful simplicity of this reality — it’s a powerful equalizer. I wish I could have realized this truth at a much younger age, when wearing hand-me-down clothes and living in decrepit housing meant being marginalized socially. I spent my teenage years depressed […]

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