About Me

Thoughtful, provocative communication is a vital link to solving issues—stories can spark compassion and trust. Our ability to transform society depends on our willingness to transform ourselves.

“We need to take an honest look and see what we are supporting as a society. And then we speak out truthfully, and stand up for what is wise.” ~ Jack Kornfield

What are we supporting? And is that the direction we really want to be moving in? I find these questions immensely useful. They ask us to slow down and wholeheartedly consider what’s going on, how we’re contributing to it (or not), and whether there might be a better path to pursue.

I work with brands because we need no-fluff communication: tell us what you offer and how it will benefit the world—without reducing us to empty-headed consumers. In these crazy times, I also work to uplift myself and others with mindfulness practices that support well-being, the key to resilient, innovative, and compassionate societies.

My brand and mind-body communication work grow from various soils of experience. I have been an animal rights educator/activist, a media strategist, and a book publisher. In my role as Director of Communications for the Metta Center for Nonviolence, I serve as Creative Director & Editor for Nonviolence Magazine. I earned my MA in Media and Cultural Studies from New York University, and I completed my 200-hour yoga certification in 2011.

I hail from NYC and made my way to Amsterdam in early 2017, after forays through the US, Latin America, and Western Europe. I’m registered at the Chamber of Commerce in Amsterdam (KvK #: 68364458).

Learn about my brand services and read my case for well-being.