Kimberlyn David

Media & Peace

This is a slightly amended version of an article I co-wrote for Nonviolence Magazine, with Michael Nagler and Stephanie Van Hook. Concerned that the current media system does not support our inherent capacity for nonviolence, we asked: Is another media system possible? It’s easy to complain about the mass media. They have no shortage of […]

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Dislodging Stones

I’ve been practicing meditation for nearly 5 years, and I come to this realization each and every time I sit: Meditation meets us where we’re at in life, opening and strengthening our hearts and minds where they most need to be. Meditation can’t be understood from an intellectual standpoint only; it’s practicing that we develop […]

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What We Practice: Yoga

In a Sunday morning yoga class a while back, I opened our discussion with a layered question: What does it mean to practice: what is it that we’re practicing, and why does that matter? The question was inspired by a dharma talk by Diana Clark called “How to Support Our Practice.” The talk reminded me […]

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