Brand Services

We’re a team on a mission: You dream up bold ideas and pave roads of possibility, while I make sure the right story is told—the one that inspires, empowers, and motivates people.

Client Profile

What we say and do today determines what tomorrow looks like. My changemaking approach to brand communication is ideal for earth-friendly start-ups, benefit corporations, nonprofits, social entrepreneurs, yogis and others attuned to what the times call for.

What I Do

Great branding goes beyond logos, websites, and business cards. Every aspect of your messaging—visual and verbal alike—gives “voice” to your brand, making it memorable and relatable. So communication is not just a matter of finding the “right” words. It’s a vital piece of your success strategy—it’s about sharing a genuine story that resonates with people. I’ll help you tell that story in a number of ways:

  • Brand Concepts, Taglines, Package/Product Descriptions
  • Website Copy, Mission Statements, Team Bios
  • Calls-to-Action, Conscious Ad Copy, Blog Content
  • Social Messaging, Emails/Newsletters, Press Releases

Looking for a service not listed here? Let’s see if I can take care of that for you—contact me. Wondering what clients say about my work? See their testimonials.

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