Case Study

Transforming Business for the Digital Era

Cognizant ranks 194 on the Fortune 500 and is noted for its consultative approach to digital transformation. They’re known for innovating Industry 4.0 solutions that draw deeply from human insights.

Manufacturers seek out Cognizant’s expertise on building and implementing viable projects on a large scale.

Cognizant is headquartered in the US and runs digital labs in tech-savvy cities like NYC, London, and Melbourne. I’ve collaborated with their creative teams in Brussels and Amsterdam.


Approach & Results

“We need a native English copywriter slash editor who can think like a journalist.” Yep, that’s me.

I’ve drafted and/or shaped thought leadership pieces like articles and white papers, and I’ve written B2B web copy for their client projects. Objective: support relationship-building initiatives with copy that highlights value.

Cognizant projects flow in an Agile manner. On major client projects, we’ve worked iteratively, ensuring the best outcomes per their design processes.

They aim for the gold standard, so when they give me a thumbs-up on my work, I chalk it down as mission accomplished.

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Article Writing

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