Person-Power Yoga

The Metta Center for Nonviolence hosts yoga retreats and workshops under this banner. These mind-body events integrate yoga, meditation, and nonviolence to deepen personal healing and our commitments to social change.

In addition to practicing rejuvenating asanas and calming meditation, Person-Power participants dive into lively discussions about what it means to be an activist, how conflict matters to societal transformation, and why nonviolence is key to creating positive and lasting changes.

I contributed to the first Person-Power Yoga retreat in April 2016, as a yoga teacher as well as the Metta Center’s communications director. In my communications role, I came up with the brand name, basing it on the “person power” term coined by the org’s founder, a well-known peace scholar. I also wrote copy and designed outreach materials. I continue to support these retreats/workshops with brand communication and mind-body work.

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