We’re a team on a mission: You’re creating the solutions that matter, and I’m making sure the right story is told—the one that inspires people to act.


Communication is everything: It’s how you connect with people and reflect your integrity. It’s therefore a vital piece of your success strategy. I’ll attend to all your verbal-branding essentials: taglines, brand names for products/services, package descriptions, web copy, mission/vision statements, team bios, calls-to-action, conscious ad copy, landing pages.

Featured Copywriting Project


Whether you’re aiming to engage a new niche or bring your global team up to speed on important regulations, you’ll need content that speaks to people. I’ll help you develop and carry out a strategy that will keep your audience(s) fascinated with your mission. Think: a plan that makes you shine with blog pieces, online courses, social, newsletters, ebooks, etc.

Featured Content Strategy Project

Info Architecture

Copywriting is the first step in content design: it gives shape to the look and feel of your website and other comms. Before a single word is even written, effective copy starts with your intended audience(s) in mind. So when I write copy for you, I go beyond coming up with words to devise the most user-friendly way to structure your messaging.  

Featured Info Architect Project


I wear several hats in the wonderful world of words. As a publisher, I’ve empowered authors to pursue their literary ambitions and get their books into readers’ hands. My strong sense of aesthetics and vast experience with print processes serves book and magazine projects extraordinarily well. In writing articles, I can do so from the perspective of an editor. 

Featured Editing Project

I enjoy working with Kimberlyn. She is able to turn around high quality work on a short deadline, enabling me to quickly market good thought leadership content

Marna van Hall, Marketing Communication Advisor @ Mirabeau

Kimberlyn is an incredibly skilled editor and copywriter. She’s professional and compassionate. Everything she works on is made better through her diligence and care.

Stephanie Knox Steiner, Peace Educator & PhD Student

Need content that moves people? I’d love to hear about your project.