Yoga for Peace & Resilience

A truly healing practice is one that nourishes our vitality while strengthening our ability to create harmony in the world around us. Yoga/mindfulness is effective for healing the body from lingering trauma and addressing limiting beliefs.

Yoga is not about performing poses.

Sure, we practice poses—the poses help us access mind-body layers. What we’re really doing is growing our capacity to love ourselves, channel compassion towards all living beings, resist corruption and injustices without replicating the violence, and live in sound relationship with Earth.

Yoga/Mindfulness – Amsterdam

I create custom yoga/mindfulness programs for individuals and groups who see the link between contemplative practices and changemaking. (I typically don’t teach at yoga studios, because they aren’t genuine spaces of inclusion and freedom. Perhaps I’ll write a post about this sometime, as it truly deserves a deeper discussion.)

Interested in creating a well-being program for your Amsterdam office? Could the people your org serves benefit from yoga/mindfulness? Is your activist group looking for ways to bolster their own inner power? If you can provide the space, I’ll handle the rest.

My yoga sessions are gently challenging and slow-paced, so they’re just as ideal for beginners as those with more experience. They’re also suitable for adults of all ages and body types (I’ve worked with 17 year-olds to 70-somethings). Each session aims for:

  • improved mobility and greater flexibility
  • a liberating mental relationship with life’s unceasing changes
  • emotional release and a deep uprooting of physical energy habits
  • consideration of where the personal meets the societal
  • loving-kindness for all living beings and our beautiful Earth

I work with all kinds of people. Email me about my availability and affordable rates. Testimonials:

Kimberlyn has been my yoga instructor twice a week for over a year. I always look forward to every class. She brings new and challenging poses to the classes. I feel better balanced, focused and flexible. She has inspired me with meditation and breathing techniques. Someday I will be able to do that headstand! ~ Alice S.

A quality I find most unique about Kim is her willingness to intimately share the focus of her personal practice and her transitions with students, enabling others to realize how transformative yoga can be throughout a lifetime, in a community, for the planet. Kim, thank you for sharing you, and for inspiring me to evolve. ~ Ruth S.

Our class has developed an atmosphere of trust and intimacy with Kim as our guide. I have two take-aways from our classes. One is much better balance, and the other is the conscious act of breathing. I focus on breathing as meditation, and conscious breathing helps me look at a situation with a calmer point of view. ~ Keith J.

I thoroughly enjoy Kim’s yoga classes! She is very devoted to yoga for body and spirit and passes that to her students. Making sure her students use proper form, she is interactive and patient. Her class has fueled my interest in meditation, and my balance and flexibility have improved. Her classes are a great addition to my life! ~ Debbie S.

Kimberlyn was very in tune with her students’ abilities and needs. I absolutely loved it, and guess what? Even I could do most of the poses, especially with the assistance of the blocks. I walked away from the class feeling wonderfully energized and more conscious of how concentrating on our breathing can make such a difference. ~ Mary R.

Kim’s class has greatly enhanced my ability to achieve increased focus and attentiveness in my daily life through her meditation exercises. Kim is able to to explain and demonstrate poses with amazing precision, simplicity, and gentleness. Kim is most attentive to each student, often repeatedly modifying her instructions to fit the individual’s abilities. She creates a warm communal atmosphere for her students. ~ Stephen S.

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