JB Yoga

Jessica Bellofatto is an experienced yoga and SUP yoga teacher. She’s also the owner of KamaDeva Yoga in East Hampton, NY. As she wisely likes to say, “Joy is our birthright and our true nature.”

Service Provided: Website Copy

When Jessica Bellofatto was ready to overhaul the messaging on her JB Yoga website, she turned to Jessica Boylston-Fagonde for tips. The latter Jessica has been one of my top creative partners over the years, so when she asked, “Would you be interested in whipping up copy?” I said, “Indeed—and I’d like to reorganize the site’s navigation too.” After working through a research/discovery process to learn more about JB Yoga, I:

Reviewed the entire architecture of JBYoga.com, then created a new site map—now it’s super-duper easy for site visitors to find relevant info. A user-friendly site is doubly important when you’re seeking sign-ups for retreats, trainings and classes: If people can’t quickly find details on offerings and pricing, they’re bound to leave your site without signing up for anything or further engaging with your message.

Concepted and drafted key brand copy, from page headers that function like motivating calls-to-action to Jessica’s personable Mission statement.

Wrote all page and SEO meta copy, infusing it with keywords and calls-to-action while maintaining the warmth of Jessica’s teaching voice.

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