Myra’s Highland Organics

The goodies made by Myra’s Highland Organics are full of scrumptious ingredients. Their signature granola, for example, is stuffed with nuts, seeds, and coconut—the rolled oats are secondary.

Services Provided: Brand Strategy, Copywriting

Myra’s Highland Organics hired me to carry out two missions: create a compelling brand story and write descriptive package copy for their premium granola.

In conceiving the brand story, I first walked the clients through the Why of their products—not just why Myra’s is launching these treats but how they will benefit people. During our creative discussions, a key selling point emerged: their organic goodies turn the idea of comfort food (read: junk food) upside down.

From there, the perfect tagline emerged: Genuine Comfort Food. The descriptive package copy easily flowed from this focus. Myra’s recipe combines a lot of crunch with a dash of sweetness. I sampled a ton of the granola while writing the copy. Friendly warning: this protein-packed granola is really yummy. Just wait til the company to formally launches its health-based granola and snack line…

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