Stretch What Matters

Enhancing the quality of life for individuals through yoga—regardless of age or ability—is the mission at Stretch What Matters, which offers therapeutic programs for children and teens with special needs.

Service Provided: Website Copy

Stretch What Matters was founded by Elizabeth Goranson, M.S. Ed., ERYT, who invented and patented the Stretch What Matters Yoga System for special-needs yoga classes. The system includes a yoga mat that facilitates visual learning and instructional guides.

This project involved some heavy lifting where SEO-friendly website copy was involved, along with product strategy.

Telling the right Home page story is vital—it determines whether people stick around a website or move on. So I developed a Home copy strategy to draw people into the brand’s mission and encourage them to explore the offerings. For the inside pages, I reworked the client’s existing content to give it emotional resonance and to consistently highlight product/service benefits. I also created attention-holding page headers and calls-to-action. When Elizabeth wondered how to position her products, I outlined a sound strategy for her online store.

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