This collection of hand-thrown clayware is made by Denise Lopez, who works from her LA studio. She crafts gracefully functional tableware inspired by Japanese ceramic art, mid-century pottery, and minimalist design. Sustainability is a cornerstone of her work: her pieces are stylishly timeless and built to last for generations.

Service Provided: Website Copy

As a longtime graphic designer, Denise Lopez started exploring ceramics to experience a new creative medium. After her first set of vases and kitchenware sold out instantly—simply through word of mouth—she decided it was time to launch a website to showcase her work and kickstart online sales. D:Ceramics pieces can also be found in boutiques in LA and Puerto Rico.

My task in producing the website copy involved visual strategy as well as messaging strategy: I had to envision how the words could complement the art. One aspect of this work included developing a radiant name for her white-glazed pieces. Since each piece of Denise’s creations are unique, I played off the concept of snowflakes and went with Snow Collection.

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