There’s wisdom in relaxation.

Wellbeing is a quiet act of courage—it takes grit to transform ourselves and to embody peace. Restfulness strengthens our ability to be truly present in our relationships, our activism, and our creative work.

Retreats allow us to pause from our usual routines and give heed to our integrity. How do we aim to act in the world—and why? Where could we break down walls between ourselves and others? How can we express ourselves more creatively, more lovingly?

I lead artfully themed yoga/mindfulness retreats for individuals and small groups (10 max). Two options:

1. You provide the appropriate space (a community center, international retreat locale, large back yard, yoga studio, hotel roof deck…)

2. I consult you on retreat spaces based on your preferences (I can suggest great locations in the Netherlands, Europe, and Latin America)

Whether you seek a 1-day urban refresher or a 1-week getaway, I’ll see that your retreat serves your deepest sense of possibility.

Choose your retreat:


This retreat can really be called a detox—from our devices and from a cultural tendency to work to the point of burnout. Leave the tech gadgets off, embrace quietude, and savor the present. Retreat practices:

– Sunrise meditation: a seated meditation to invigorate the senses, by silently observing the breath

Afternoon yoga: full-body awareness with slow movement

Sunset meditation: a silent evening walk to combine body, mind, and breath awareness

Discussion: we’ll explore links between self-care, healthy interpersonal relationships, and social change


A transformative practice is one that boosts our vitality while expanding our ability to create harmony around us. Retreat practices:

– Seated meditation: 2 sessions (1 morning, 1 evening)

– Calming yoga: peace requires balancing effort and relaxation; we’ll play with that sweet spot

– Journal writing: I can provide reflective readings to respond to, or you may prefer to free-write. The point will be to develop clarity around reactiveness—and how our own reactivity is the very soil of personal and societal transformation. Bring your favorite pen and notebook along.


The current system tells us we’re not good enough—not happy, even—unless we’re mindlessly striving for money or things. Enough! We’re not here to earn a living; we’re here to live. And living is an art. Practices to enliven your creative spirit:

– Wake-up walk: invigorate your body, heart, and mind with a sunrise walking meditation

– Artistic pursuit: painting, ceramics, photography, cooking lessons… (depending on availability at your retreat location)

– Yoga: a pre-dinner Yin session to embody pausing/being

–Reflection: journal on any readings I’ve curated for you, and/or note any personal insights that pop up

Pricing & Bookings

My retreat fee is $250/€300 per day, plus VAT and my travel (transportation, lodging, meals; you/your group handles your own travel arrangements).

Ready to book? Email me so we can discuss your objectives.

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