Yoga Amsterdam

I create yoga/wellbeing programs for people who appreciate the link between contemplative practices and changemaking.

Sure, we practice yoga poses—the poses help us access mind-body layers. On a much deeper level, we are growing our capacity to transform ourselves, channel compassion towards all living beings, resist corruption and injustices without replicating the violence, and live in sound relationship with Earth.

Interested in creating a wellbeing program for your Amsterdam office? Could the people served by your org benefit from yoga? Is your activist group looking for improved resilience? Want to take individualized yoga lessons? Does your yoga studio want to bring in a changemaking perspective? If you can provide the space, I’ll handle the rest.

My yoga sessions are gently challenging and slow-paced, so they’re just as ideal for beginners as the more experienced. They’re also suitable for adults of all ages and body types (I’ve guided classes including 17 year-olds to 70-somethings). Each session aims for:

– improved mobility and greater flexibility
– a liberating mental relationship with life’s unceasing changes
– emotional release and an uprooting of physical energy habits
– consideration of where the personal meets the societal
– insights about the purpose of conflict and forgiveness
– loving-kindness for all living beings and our beautiful Earth

I work with all kinds of people in diverse settings. Email me about my availability and affordable rates. See what people say about yoga with me.