Nonviolence Magazine

Formally known as Emergence, Nonviolence features intriguing articles, Q&As, and poetry. The magazine is published biannually by the Metta Center for Nonviolence, as a resource for practical idealists.

When the Metta Center for Nonviolence hired me as their communications director in 2014, they asked: “Oh, would you like to take over the magazine?” I dove right in: Overseeing a change-oriented magazine had been a years-long dream. Seeing the potential to attract new donors to the organization, I turned the monthly 20-page PDF into a biannual 60-page print publication. I also baked up a minimalist design, which has since been fine-tuned by a professional designer.

The first print version I oversaw was the relaunch issue of Emergence (Summer 2015; theme: Media & the New Story). It garnered the attention of a UN rep, who invited the Metta Center’s founder and president to speak at the UN about the role media can and should play in fostering peaceful culture. It just goes to show that media like Nonviolence are needed and are making a difference in the world.

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